In essence, our invention comes from a personal and business need to electronically store and catalogue all receipts for bookkeeping and later usage. Our Product combines hardware based and software based devices to merge a physical unified card reader to virtually any cash register using current USB technology. Once the cash register recognizes the reader software, it will be instantly ready to accept the unified storage card. Upon insertion of the unified storage card, consumers can have their receipts uploads electronically to their card; hence the name, E-Receipts!
Taking into consideration that the receipt information is purely customized upon merchant or end consumer request, a paper receipt is still available. Our invention allows the retailer to read and write receipt information promptly. All stored receipt information shall be read from the card as a proof of cash sale highlighting information such as the transaction date, UPC, quantity, price and taxes. Our product is platform independent, portable, and can be installed on any operating system Consumers can officially Go Green with E-Receipt!