The system can provide various security checkpoints for each retailer and internal system component at each level including communication, Hardware, Operating System and Software. In its entirety, the security features include communication with small data packets, and cryptographic algorithms that encrypt the data and transfer for a particular retailer. This can be used as a command and response system between the unified card and the reader; using the merchant's register system, kiosks or home systems as well. Other security systems can also be used to protect the data stored on the Unified Card.

In addition to card readers at various retailers, other card readers will be available in places like malls, shopping centers, and gas stations. These kiosks have displays that allow the user to see a listing of transactions. The kiosks will also have a special data output system for blind people such as a headphone jack or braille. A home based card reader will also be available which is connected to the user's home computer. The home system will allow users to review all purchase transactions and perform certain tasks such as add up spending in various formats. These formats include monthly, weekly, and daily spending by store, time, day etc.

The end consumer will use this unified storage card to store all of his/her sales transactions from different retailers in a secure, encrypted manner. No one will be able to access the receipt information except the owner; hence, it was designed to intelligently separate each shop into its own encrypted category. Each retailer can only view its own purchase history with the customer. In terms of an exchange, stores can be banded together to accept returns at all participating locations.

The security pass code can be a "one time insertion" which is used to activate the license to protect the component from being hacked or stolen. The pass code may include a security feature that looks up the computer's Mac address to guarantee that the application program is only installed on this computer. If the Mac address does not match the expected address associated with the security pass code, the program m will not be allowed to fully function on the unauthorized merchant computer.