Most of us start our work day by making a stop at a local gas station, catching a train ride, then stopping by Starbucks coffee. By mid-day we stop by the local deli, restaurant, or convenience store to get our lunch. During our commute back home we may stop to pick up dry cleaning, purchase daily essentials such as milk, juice, bread, etc.; ending our day with about 8-12 paper receipts sitting in our pockets or wallets.

Then, during weekend, we may do more shopping and splurging, buying the newest and up to date products. How many of you can relate to this? These series of events prove to accumulate an unnecessary amount of paper receipts that most people do not take the time to organize or save. The useless paper receipts sit in our car, wallets, or around the house waiting to be trashed. Many of us do this on a daily basis without any thought about how certain receipts may help us, especially business owners.

Paper receipts are widely used throughout the world, where every single cash register generates a printed paper receipt for the end consumer as documented proof of sale. This results in a recurring problem to some, and causes environmental harm in the form of litter or consumption of trees. In this particular case, receipts become a burden to deal with for the end consumer. Processes like an item return cannot be performed without presentation of the receipt. How many of you have been in a situation where you wished to return or exchange an item, drove all the way to the store, realized you did not have the receipt, and could not return the item? Or How about when you wished to include a specific receipt on your taxes but could not because you could not find the receipt? Isn't that frustrating?
There have been previous attempts to develop a solution for this issue such as, cloud computing, email, credit cards, scanners, and other receipt receiving options. Unlike the predecessors, our invention incorporates unification, simplicity, and practical organization to the way that you manage your spending habits.

Considering the fact that we do not require personal information, and or registration to activate this lifetime service
  • Our invention provides a flexible yet simple business solution that permits single / multiple stores receipts to be stored into one unified storage card
  • Retrieval of the stored information is unique to the store itself, retailers can't access other retailers data example ( A Subway card reader will not read / write Starbucks data)
  • The essence of our invention is the ability to have one unified card for multiple and unlimited retailers
  • To decrease and eliminate the amount of paper receipts printed on a daily basis (No more unwanted paper receipts)
  • Making returns & exchange quick and easy
From now on, no more paper receipts clutter, and inability to exchange or receive tax breaks! We will install card readers at various retailers as a kiosk machine to allow customers instant access to the electronic receipt if needed. This shall enable the customer to verify, review, and calculate his daily receipts anywhere, anytime. These kiosk machines shall only recognize the receipts stored on the unified card that was taken at that particular shop.